PTPN announces new preferred vendor Power Purchasing

PTPN continues to offer incredible savings and discounts to its members through its preferred vendor program.

PTPN recently signed a partnership with Power Purchasing, which joins together thousands of business to significantly reduce costs on products and services used every day, now available to all PTPN members.

Suppliers include:

  • Office Depot: Members receive a discount card to use for in-store purchases, as well as instructions for ordering online at discounted pricing. PTPN members also receive significant discounts on copy/print services online and in all Office Depot stores.

  • First Data: Credit card processing with substantial discounts on processing fees and POS systems.

  • On Your Marks: Promotional products at a significant discount, plus a PTPN custom ordering site.

  • BrandWear: Logo apparel and scrubs at special contract pricing.

To learn more about how you can get such discounts for your practice, contact PTPN to become a member today!