PT clinics find innovative ways to help people stay healthy at home

Most of the country may be under restrictions for some form of social distancing, but many clinic members of PTPN, the country’s premier network of private practice therapists, the country’s premier network of independent rehabilitation therapists, have found a variety of ways to help people while they stay home.

Coury and Buehler Physical Therapy, a PTPN member in Orange County, California, reminds clients and patients that it’s important to create a new routine to get ourselves through a stay-at-home order. They have suggested ways to work out with the family and posted workouts that can be completed with household essentials.

The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute, a member with several locations in Pennsylvania, has been hosting live fitness classes on Facebook every Monday since mid-March. They also post the videos afterwards for anyone to follow on their own time, along with more clinical videos to help patients continue their PT at home. And PTPN member PhysioFit Physical Therapy in Silicon Valley, California, has transitioned their in-clinic fitness classes to an online platform. They continue to offer most of the classes that were previously held at the clinic, including Zumba, yoga, gyrokinesis, and various Pilates classes.

New Jersey PTPN member Strive Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation has posted how-to videos on Facebook not only about working out at home, but also about properly setting up your home workstation. And Rocklin Physical Therapy, a member in Northern California, has set up “no touch transactions” in the parking lot to allow patients and clients to purchase wellness products without leaving their car.

Beyond these wellness approaches, many physical therapy clinics (including all of those listed above) have added virtual physical therapy visits. Appointments are made with a physical therapist who can video chat with you at home, discuss what kind of problem you’re having, and create a plan of care that can be completed at home.

These PTPN clinics remind everyone that there are myriad ways to manage your health from home. Contact (and follow on social media) your nearest PTPN location to learn what virtual options are available.

About PTPN: PTPN is the nation’s premier specialty network of rehabilitation therapists in private practice. It has led the rehabilitation industry in pioneering national contracting and quality assurance programs since 1985. The network has more than 700 provider offices (including physical, occupational and speech therapists). PTPN contracts with most major managed care organizations in the nation including insurers, workers’ compensation companies, PPOs, HMOs, medical groups, and IPAs. For more information on PTPN, contact Stephen Moore at 818-737-0246 or, or visit