Physiquality now offers more than 20 programs through member clinics

PTPN is proud to announce 3 new partnerships with a healthcare product company and 2 fitness programs. With these new programs, Physiquality now offers 23 fitness and wellness programs through their member clinics.

  • Use the Indo Board to develop balance, coordination and increased leg strength while enhancing your core fitness. It also improves motor skills, making the Indo Board a great cross-training tool for a variety of sports.
  • Increase your swing speed and power through the Swingzilla Power Training Method. These drills can significantly improve and maximize muscle strength, power and speed of movement in any sport with a swing.
  • Reclaim your original footprint with VASYLI custom orthotics and orthotic sandals. Combined with treatment by a healthcare practitioner, these products can help alleviate many types of chronic pain.

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