Physiquality launches broad spectrum of health and wellness services for all ages

Physiquality, a new national health and wellness network, is introducing a range of services and products designed to help Americans of all ages lead healthier and more active lives. The network offers programs supervised by highly qualified, experienced physical therapists who are trained in helping the human body function at its best.

“Physiquality has programs for all phases of life, whether you’re a high school athlete who wants sports conditioning, an adult interested in strength training, or a senior seeking to improve flexibility,” said Michael Weinper, MPH, PT, company president. “Americans spend billions of dollars on health and fitness, but how do they know what they’re getting? Many providers of these services lack the in-depth training to understand an individual’s health needs, manage chronic conditions and prevent injuries.”

Weinper said that with the Physiquality name, consumers now know where to find the best health and wellness providers. “With Physiquality, consumers get a seal of approval — the assurance that they will be supervised by qualified clinical professionals.”

Physiquality physical therapists are members of parent company PTPN, the country’s first and largest outpatient rehabilitation network. PTPN requires therapists to meet strict membership criteria and the most stringent credentialing requirements in the industry. In addition, PTPN has quality control and monitoring mechanisms to ensure that treatment matches the needs of the patient and that treatment is producing the desired outcome.

Physiquality will have a growing menu of programs and products available at various physical therapy sites across the country. Here are some of the network’s current offerings:

  • CATZ focuses on sports performance training for athletes from the ages of 8 to 18. CATZ training programs are sport-specific and are designed by physical therapists and certified strength and conditioning specialists to improve speed, agility, strength, power and quickness while minimizing the risk of injury.
  • GRAVITY® is a fitness program that combines a proprietary piece of workout equipment with comprehensive functional exercise programming. The programming is designed to work arms, chest, legs, back and abs in one instructor-led 30-45 minute session, using only body weight as resistance. GRAVITY offers functional training, working multiple muscle groups at the same time, and core stability exercises in group classes and personal training.
  • AmeriBag® created the multi-purpose Healthy Back Bag® tote, featuring a patented, ergonomic design that feels lighter and more comfortable than other totes. By contouring to the natural shape of the body, the tote hangs asymmetrically, redistributing the weight through the length of the whole back, not just from one point on the shoulder, thus reducing stress on the shoulders, neck and back. The Healthy Back Bag product line includes many new styles and features for virtually everyone.

To find out more about Physiquality and its programs and products, go to, or contact us at or 800-493-9890.