THE PROBLEM: Knowing how good physical and occupational therapy outcomes really are.

THE SOLUTION: The PTPN Outcomes Program.

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of evaluating your physical and occupational therapy provider services?

The PTPN Outcomes Program lets payers compare PTPN providers’ performance to national benchmarks, giving you the data you need to monitor network quality and implement alternative payment models.

The program uses the nation’s largest and most validated database of clinical rehab data to track patients’ functional improvement. That data is combined with the resources used to give you a measure of provider efficiency — that is, how much improvement providers are able to help patients achieve, over how much time and in how many visits.


Here’s how it works:


Patients complete a short computerized or paper survey at intake indicating how their condition is affecting their daily functioning.


Using a database of millions of current rehab cases, the system compares that patient to like patients, based on more than 10 risk-adjustment factors, including age, health status and acuity.


The system then predicts how much functional improvement that patient is likely to achieve, over how many visits.


The patient takes the functional status survey again at discharge to determine how much improvement was actually achieved over the course of treatment. That discharge survey also includes questions that measure patient satisfaction. (The patient may also take the survey at points during treatment to measure incremental progress.)


Based on the data collected, PTPN providers are compared to national benchmarks in provider efficiency, enabling us to demonstrate to you that our therapists are above average performers when it comes to getting patients better faster.


The data also allows PTPN to monitor, evaluate and reward provider outcomes.

Put the PTPN Outcomes Program to work for you.

Get a powerful new tool to monitor the health of your provider network.

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