New for 2010: Three new Physiquality products available through participating PTPN member clinics

PTPN is proud to announce new partnerships with three different healthcare product companies.

  • ActiveWrap‘s non-migrating heat and ice packs provide instant relief for aches and pains. Designed in conjunction with orthopedic physicians and physical therapists, and backed by top coaches and athletes around the world, the packs can be used for such applications as joint pain, tendinitis, and much more.
  • The Handybar® inserts into the U-shaped striker plate found on most vehicle door frames. By giving clients a handle to put weight on as they enter or exit their vehicle, the Handybar increases their stability and reduces their risk of falls.
  • Medi-Dyne is offering 6 products through PTPN member locations. Affordable to purchase and easy-to-use, these products can be used at home before and after workouts to maximize strength and flexibility.

To learn more, visit, or call 800-493-9890.