Outpatient rehabilitation plays a key role in the management of and recovery from such major and costly illness as stroke, heart attack, and cancer. It is also a critical component in the medical management of workers’ compensation injuries and getting workers back on the job, safely and quickly.

The opioid crisis, spiraling health care costs, and other upheavals in the marketplace are prompting many companies to rethink their options in outpatient rehabilitation.


PTPN offers you solutions to these challenges. Here’s how:


  • The PTPN Outcomes Program lets you compare PTPN providers’ outcomes to national benchmarks, giving payers the data you need to monitor network quality.
  • PTPN offices must meet strict membership requirements. For example, offices must be Medicare-certified. There are maximum supervision-to-staff ratios, and our therapists must participate in annual continuing education programs.
  • PTPN’s Quality Assurance Program is designed to evaluate each therapist’s performance on a regular basis. We are the only outpatient rehab network to perform onsite credentialing and re-credentialing inspections to ensure that providers meet our high standards. We thoroughly credential all providers based on standards that exceed NCQA guidelines, eliminating the need for you to perform your own credentialing.
  • All PTPN offices are required to be in private practice, which ensures that there will be no conflicts of interest inherent in corporate or physician-owned clinics.
  • The PTPN network offers comprehensive geographic coverage in our service areas. See our availability in your area by using our Find a Therapist search.
  • PTPNCompDirect is bringing transparency and accountability to physical medicine in workers’ compensation. This innovative approach has been developed by experts in the workers’ comp and healthcare industries with a passion for streamlining the process and eliminating the excess (and hidden) costs inherent in rebilling practices. Uncover the dirty little secret of workers’ comp physical medicine costs.
  • Many PTPN providers offer Physiquality health and wellness programs and products. They know that they can help to reduce medical costs for their clients by keeping them healthy and focusing on preventative, rather than reactive, healthcare.

As a network, PTPN offers many services to minimize your administrative costs and maximize efficiency.

Our practice standards and review processes help manage utilization, ensuring patients receive the right type and amount of care. Our data collection and reporting capabilities allow you to receive information on therapy services in nearly any format you wish. We perform network management, provider oversight and problem-solving services on your behalf.

We have limitations on the number of enrolled member offices, assuring professional fee stability. Our member offices agree to accept contracted fees as payment in full for services rendered, so you don’t have to worry about contracting with each individual provider. And by contracting with a national network, you have the option to contract for a single region, an entire state or in multiple states.

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