Use this calculator to add up the savings and revenue possible as a member of PTPN. We’re confident that you’ll save money and increase your income!

Step 1

Preferred Vendor Savings: Estimate the amount you spend on each of the following items, then calculate the estimated savings you could access through PTPN Preferred Vendors and Physiquality Preferred Vendors*

Purchase type Dollars spent
PTPN discount
(typical discount*)
Dollars saved
Therapy supplies and equipment x 10%
Office supplies (toner, paper, pens, etc.) x 40%
Billing service x 20%
Electronic medical record (EMR) system x 10%
Continuing education x 100%
Professional liability insurance x 5%
Payroll/HR services x 10%
Fitness/wellness products for resale to patients x 45%
Pilates equipment x 15%
Fitness/wellness instructor training and program materials x 20%
*Discounts are typical discounts from retail/regular pricing. Actual discounts vary for each Preferred Vendor; percentages are for estimate purposes only.

Step 2

In addition to vendor discounts, PTPN members receive many services at no additional cost, including:

Service Your savings
Online consumer marketing/directory listing $100-250/year
Online job postings $100-400 per month
per listing
Design templates for marketing materials $1,000-2,000
**This subtotal represents average costs for these services, which are free with PTPN. Actual costs may vary.

Step 3

In many states, PTPN provides access to dozens of contracts with payers. Last year PTPN members generated more than $80 million in claims volume as a result of PTPN’s managed care contracts. For more information about specific contracts available through PTPN in your area, and typical claims volume, contact your local PTPN office.


Combine the subtotals from Steps 1 and 2, and (if applicable in your state) an estimate of your potential contract revenue from Step 3, to calculate the exponential ROI of PTPN membership!