Action Alert: Take the first step in fighting the 2021 8% Cut!

In November CMS finalized their proposal to cut the reimbursement of many specialties in 2021 in order to offset the increases to physician E/M codes. Despite the pushback from thousands of PTs and other stakeholders during the public comment period, CMS moved forward to finalize their proposed cuts while providing no explanation or rationale for its decision.

PTPN is working together with therapy organizations and other impacted providers to challenge these cuts. The first step is a letter from Members of Congress to CMS asking for more information about the process by which CMS made its decisions in this matter. We need everyone to be part of this effort. (Currently there is only a letter on the House side; if/when there’s a Senate-side letter, we’ll let you know.)

Now’s the time to take the first step in this effort by sending your Representative an email requesting that they sign on to the letter to CMS (which they’ve all received); the deadline is January 29, 2020. Please feel free to add a second paragraph to the email about the specific impact on your practice. Would you have to stop accepting Medicare patients or take other actions? Remember, this is just the beginning, and there will be more action for you to take as we progress in this process (so keep the information about the impact on your practice handy for future emails).

Visit the PTPN Political Action Center today to send an email to your Representative. Together we can make a difference.