Action Alert: Let’s Join the APTA and Make 9/10 a Day We Tell Congress to Stop the 9% Cut!

The APTA has requested that Thursday, September 10, is the day that therapists flood Congress with messages to stop the proposed 9% cut in Medicare reimbursement. PTPN is giving that effort a boost by sending out the message to our members as well. So, unless you answered the call from APTA, and even if you’ve already emailed your Representative on this topic, we’re asking everyone to do it again tomorrow! And you can bet that we’ll be bringing more opportunities for you to do so as we move through the rest of the year.

So please take just a couple of minutes to go to PTPN’s Political Action Center to send an email. Please personalize the email with your experience. (Keep your written experience handy because we’re sure it’ll continue to be needed).

Together we can make a difference!

Visit the Political Action Center to send your message now: