A new option for fitness in tough economic times: Physiquality offers personalized, affordable programs from the nation’s top physical therapists

Physiquality, a new national health and wellness network, now offers personalized health and fitness programs and products supervised by qualified physical and occupational therapists, across the United States.

“Physical therapists are experts in how the body works, feels and moves,” said Michael Weinper, M.P.H., PT, President and CEO of Physiquality and of its parent company, PTPN, the nation’s largest network of rehabilitation therapists in private practice. “Our research showed that many people recognized the benefits of a personalized fitness program under the expertise of qualified physical therapists that would help them achieve optimal results without injury.”

In the current recession, many people are reducing doctor visits and cutting down on medications to save money. However, expenditures for fitness and wellness are actually increasing, with consumers reporting that they are more willing to invest in getting healthy.

“This is an ideal time for Physiquality, when people recognize the importance of maintaining their health and dealing with the stress that many experience due to the economic downturn,” noted Weinper. “That’s why we designed Physiquality to serve as the “seal of approval” for programs that are safe, effective, fun, and results-focused and which often cost less than options in other settings.”

Physiquality offers an ever-expanding menu of programs and products for people in all life situations — from Little Leaguers to Baby Boomers, from Weekend Warriors to Golden Agers. Participants include the young athlete wanting to reach peak form without injury, individuals with health issues or old injuries whose goal is the optimal fitness for their situation, and people looking for the focus of a small class with trained healthcare professionals.

Physiquality providers are located in 23 states and more than 1,200 physical therapy offices. All offices have met the strict credentialing requirements of PTPN, the nation’s largest network of physical therapists in private practice. Therapy offices are surveyed onsite to guarantee professional standards for use of equipment, safety, efficiency, quality and staff courtesy.

The location of Physiquality programs and products can be found via a zip code search on physiquality.com or by calling 800-493-9890.

About Physiquality: Physiquality is the first nationwide network offering fitness and health programs under the auspices of trained, qualified physical and occupational therapists, the experts in helping the human body function at its best. All Physiquality programs are offered by therapists who are members of PTPN, the nation’s first and largest network of credentialed, outpatient rehabilitation therapists in private practice. In addition to Physiquality programs, PTPN members also offer a full range of outpatient rehabilitation services that are covered by insurance plans. To find out more about Physiquality and its programs and products, go to physiquality.com or call 800-493-9890.

For more information about PTPN, contact Stephen Moore at 818-737-0246 or smoore@ptpn.com, or visit ptpn.com.