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Generating content for your social media feed.

June 25th, 2014 |

Generating content for your social media feedContent has been king for a while in the digital world. While initially website search results could be improved with simply adding keywords to pages and tagging website headlines, the latest search updates like Google Hummingbird rely on fresh — and meaningful — content. As the experts at Marketing Profs put it, “Valuable content has magnetic power.”

In addition, when you generate content for your website, you have new posts for your social media feed. Websites get higher Google rankings when they are highly engaged with customers via social media and therefore have strong “social signals” such as Facebook likes, Google+ shares, Twitter retweets and blog comments. The hardest part is generating fresh and frequent content. Here are some ideas to help you create compelling social media content with minimal time and effort.

  1. Get personal

While your social media presence is about your business, social media users are typically engaged on a personal level. Posting content that appeals to the personal nature of social media will deepen your relationships with social media fans. To show the personal side of your staff, you could post:

  • Pictures of a staff birthday celebration.
  • Congratulations on a staff member’s engagement or wedding.
  • Features on different staff members each week or month.

These ideas may seem somewhat off-message when it comes to marketing, but they make sense in the context of social media, and they are an important supplement to your more business-focused messages.

  1. Image is everything

Images are much more powerful than words, particularly in social media. Get in the habit of taking still pictures and videos in your business and use them in your social media activities. If you have someone on staff who has a particular interest or skill in taking photos and videos, make that person your official videographer. You don’t have to invest in expensive equipment; most smartphones have cameras that will produce photos and videos that are perfectly acceptable for online use.

  1. Watch what others are doing

If you don’t think of yourself as a social media expert, chances are high that someone in your professional circle is. Follow your colleagues’ social media activities to see what they’re doing, and use their ideas as inspiration for your own content. Even your competitors’ social media sites may get your creative juices flowing. Don’t steal content without permission, but feel free to be inspired by others’ good work.

  1. Make a schedule and stick to it

Determine how often you plan to update your social media sites (it should be no less often than weekly), and schedule those updates, as well as the necessary time to prepare them, on your calendar. If you don’t commit the time in advance, you’ll find it easy to push social media to the bottom of your to-do list.

In this challenging economy and changing healthcare environment, your marketing needs to be compelling and productive in order to build and maintain your practice. Social media is one way to help your clinic stand out from the rest of the pack. For more ideas on how to generate social media content, PTPN members can access the Content Generation Guide in our Social Media Marketing Toolkit by logging in at

Printable version.

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