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About PTPN.PTPN is America’s premier network of independent rehabilitation providers. Established in 1985, PTPN has built a track record for delivering comprehensive, cost-effective and high quality outpatient rehabilitation services.

PTPN’s physical, occupational and speech therapists are experts at many things, including:

  • helping injured workers get well and back to work
  • helping patients recover from such serious illnesses as stroke, cancer and heart disease
  • assisting children and adults with chronic diseases that affect their mobility and coordination
  • helping people improve the way their bodies work, feel and move with wellness and fitness services that are safer, more effective and more fun than you’ll find elsewhere — for everyone from Little Leaguers to Baby Boomers, from Weekend Warriors to Golden Agers.

PTPN’s network includes thousands of therapists and is contracted with hundreds of managed care organizations covering millions of Americans.

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